Timberman is Back!

IRONMAN quietly brought back Timberman, a 70.3 out in central New Hampshire, after five years of being retired.

I personally do not understand why IRONMAN hasn’t been making announcements on social media about this, they seem to never bring attention to new races like the used to.

We all know the reason this race came back was so IRONMAN could generate some income. Most of the 2020 races were deferred, so they couldn’t sell entries to sold out events.

Will this race stick around? I don’t know. It may just be a one-and-done like Waco and Indiana, but had I known about it sooner I would have signed up.

The courses haven’t been released yet, but the note on the bike course page says that there will be a three-mile stretch at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

That’s kind of taking a page out of Challenge North America’s playbook by using a NASCAR track, and it means there’s one less venue they can expand to.

I emailed Caitlin Canderan at Challenge North America to see if they had a comment on this and if they actually felt flattered as well, but I received no response.

I think Timberman will sell out easily as it can pull from the New York and Boston markets. Only IRONMAN knows if it’ll be a permanent fixture, but the general consensus before it’s retirement was that it was a great event.

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