My Cats’ Love Affair with the Brooks Levitate Shoeboxes

It turns out my cats are just as particular about shoe boxes as humans can be about running shoes.

My cats are now almost 16 and 18, they’ve had a great life and have been spoiled rotten. I love them very much and over their lives I’ve supplied them with many many boxes of all types over that time.

Between me and my ex we’ve had at least 10 different brands of running shoeboxes in the house and I don’t how many nice shoes boxes she had, but they have a favorite: Brooks.

It’s not just any old Brooks box because they’ve had their choice of different Brooks shoes and sizes…they love the women’s size 9.5 Brooks Levitate boxes the most.

Yes, those were the shoes that were the personal favorite of my ex Danielle too. Whenever she’d get a fresh new pair and pulled them out of the box and set it down within 5-10 minutes there would be a cat in it. That doesn’t happen with any of shoe box they’ve had.

And it’s gotta be a size 9.5 too. Everyone knows “If I fits I sits” when it comes to cats. Well that size 9.5 is a little bit too small for them, but they don’t like big and roomie, because Zoie, the Atlanta Brooks Guru sent me a size 16 box but they will always go for the size 9.5 box. I guess they like that really snug feeling they get from it? Maybe it makes them feel safe and find it comforting? I don’t know, I’ll ask them when they wake up in the morning, I am a male crazy cat lady after all.

There’s cat fights a couple nights a week over the size 9.5 box. Cincy, the smaller of the two, will be in the box and Tink will come over and start jabbing at her till there’s a full blown cat fight and Cincy runs away. Then Tink will make herself nice and cozy and sleep for hours on my bed.

Yeah, single Eric sleeps with Brooks Levitate size 9.5 shoebox on the other side of his bed because that’s what my girls’ like, So I guess I’m going to have to stay single till they die because when I slept in a bed with Danielle they lost their spot.,.pretty sure they’re not going to give it up without a fight.

Sadly there will be no more new women’s size 9.5 Brooks Levitate boxes and there haven’t been for a long time since me and Danielle split almost two years ago. So I’ve kept the box they sleep in well past it’s life span for cat boxes because there’ll never be another to replace it.

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