Race Report: Don Carter Sprint Triathlon

If you’ve done the Lake Lanier Rowing Park Sprint then you’ve basically done Don Carter too as it’s just across the lake from Rowing Park.

It’s August in Georgia so the water was piss-warm, but luckily it’s only 750 yards. They reversed the direction of the swim to now go counter clockwise, they didn’t give a reason. The nice thing now was we could dive in. I don’t remember the last time I was able to dive anywhere I swam. The sun was in my eyes until the first turn. It’s only a 750 yard swim, so I just tucked in behind someone’s feet and let them pull me.

The bike is almost the same course as the Rowing Park course, just different starting points. It’s hilly as fuck, and no I wouldn’t describe them as rolling hills. If you’re going to do a flying dismount I strongly recommend unclipping from your pedals by the parking pass booth because you’ll be coming in hot into transition going 40 mph downhill.

The run is brutal, it’s two loops of climbing. The Tri the Parks website has the elevation gain as 120 feet, however my Garmin has it as 300 feet. Man running up those hills made me feel like my heart was going to explode, I was above 175 bpm most of the time. I had to do a little walking because it was just too much for me.

This race was a “one-and-done” for me. I’ll do hills, but not these hills. Sorry I didn’t have much to say here, not a lot happened in a 15-mile race.

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