My Inner Struggle With Nuun

For those of you not aware, Nuun was purchased by Nestle on May 11, 2021. This wasn’t big news, I only found out about it early because I am a Team Nuun member.

If you know nothing about Nestle then you should know they are infamous in recent times for two big things.

The first thing they get bad press for is child slavery in their supply chain. Woah there, did you just say “child slavery”? Yes I did. There was a Supreme Court case over this that was decided on June 17. Six men said they were trafficked around West Africa as children to cocoa farms that supply Nestle chocolate, so they sued Nestle (and Cargill). The lower-court ruled in their favor, but in an 8-1 decision the Supreme Court reversed the ruling and sided with Nestle (Justice Samuel Alito dissented).

Okay, so Nestle’s chocolate operation doesn’t look so good…what’s the other thing? That would be in the bottled water operation.

Nestle has operations all over the world that extract surface water as well as extracting water from the aquifers. Once you deplete an aquifer you are essentially fucked, it will not rebound in your lifetime. You shouldn’t make plans to live there long term if Nestle comes to your hood.

“Wait, why would anyone let them do that?” you say. Well your local/state politicians have struck up a deal with them. I’m not saying bribery was involved, but selling the area’s water rights is beyond poor judgement and extremely short-sighted—I hope selling out their community was worth it. Nestle doesn’t care if you’re in a severe drought or you have raging forest fires you need to extinguish, Nestle has a deal and is gonna still pump. When it’s all over Nestle will have got what it wanted and now you have to pack your shit & move because there’s no water to support the area.

It was in the last year or two that Nuun went through a product redesign. They wanted to be vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, the whole nine. They did a lot of work on their product and image…so why would they sell the company to Nestle? Unfortunately everyone has their price and I assume Nestle made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.

I know some of you are saying this is all old news. I’m not here to break news, this is about the internal struggle I’ve had the past three months. 

I’ve been a Nuun Ambassador for over five years now. I love their products. I’ve had fantastic experiences with their employees over the years. They have awesome customer service. Their team kits always look great. I genuinely don’t have anything negative to say about Nuun, but I have to ask myself “Despite all of that, are you able to still support the brand now that they are under the umbrella of a company with a reputation like Nestle?”

That’s the moral quandary I’ve found myself in since May. In the end I’ve reached a compromise: I will still use and support Nuun but I will boycott everything else under Nestle. I think that is fair because I don’t want to turn my back on a company that’s never done me wrong just because a morally corrupt corporation purchased them. I feel like it’s like when that controlling girlfriend you’ve been seeing for four months tells you “You can’t be friends with that guy anymore.”

3 thoughts on “My Inner Struggle With Nuun

  1. Man fuck Nestle. They’re the embodiment of corporate greed at all costs. It’s really a shame that a company with a good reputation got aquired by a bunch of douche canoes.

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