Race Report: Lake Lanier Sprint

So let me start off with that I had the same problem as I did at Chattanooga 70.3 where I have trouble reading/following instructions. I read Lake Lanier Islands, not Lake Lanier Rowing Club. There are actually triathlons at both places, it’s just this was at the Rowing Club. I got to the right place 15 minutes before transition closed, but I didn’t have as much stuff as I usually had because it was just a sprint.

They said the race was wetsuit legal but I decided to wear my skin suit instead. I started up at the front of the line but still managed to have Robert Swan mow me over before the first buoy. The swim was a little long, but I still averaged a 1:34/100 yard pace.

My Jakroo tri suit came unzipped like a Chattanooga when I was peeling out of my skin suit in transition. It was kind of annoying and I don’t think I want to wear that kit anymore. 

The bike was super hilly. You’re climbing out of a hole for the first five miles. I only managed to average 18.2 mph, which was super slow compared the 20 mph I did at Chattanooga 70.3 two weeks prior. It was like dragging a boat anchor. The bike was long by .3 miles.

The run is pretty deceiving, the parts you can see are the main road are flat, the neighborhood streets you can’t see are super hilly. I remember getting to the first hill and was like “Nope, not today!” I ran a 9:12/mile even with the hills and walking, which I feel was a good sign.

I finished with a 1:29, which was slower than I was hoping for but acceptable due to the medication shortage causing me to drag ass. The announcer did read my line saying “I’m single, I’m a Gemini, I like long walks on the beach and I hate the Buffalo Bills.” Didn’t get any takers though.

One thought on “Race Report: Lake Lanier Sprint

  1. I get it man. You want to go faster, you know not that long ago you used to be able to place in your AG at a race like that. As much as you brain wants you to hammer down your body simply doesn’t have that high gear anymore. It’s like you’ve been crippled. Depression is rough and in a sport that’s 90% mental having major mental health problems always but you in a hole compared to everyone else that you have to claw your way out of. Don’t beat yourself up, it was just a Sprint and those are fun!


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