Everything in Your Hotel Room Has a Use for Triathlons

Everything in your hotel is usable…so I take it.

First, let’s start with the hand towels. The hand towels are just the right size to go over my cockpit on my tri bike, so that means they’re great for Zwifting. They also can be used for sweat rags if you’re not a heavy sweater. On race day I use one to quickly dry off my feet before going out on the bike, it makes it easier to get my tri shoes on.

Next, let’s talk about the regular towels. I typically swipe one of these to use for a transition mat in the morning. Why? Because it’s pretty much disposable and I don’t care about it.

After that we have the shampoo. I take this with me to the swim start on race day. I put a tiny dab in each lens, rub in and rinse thoroughly. It’s key to rinse well because the hotel shampoo isn’t tear free. I also use them when I go to swim practice, I just keep a bottle in my bag and it’ll usually last at least three months if not longer.

Also, if they give you free bottles of water make sure to take one to the swim start. In event that you can’t get down to the water to splash your goggles clean you can use the bottle of water to get all the shampoo residue out.

Next, the conditioner. I typically use the conditioner to shave my face while I shower. I used to be the type to lather up with shaving cream and do it in front of a mirror, but this has just been much easier and more convenient. It seems to treat my skin better too. You can use it to shave your legs but with the disposable Venus razors I don’t need it.

After that I take the lotion for my freshly shaved legs and arms. Also, it’s good to keep one of these in my swim bag for the winter when my skin dries out.

Lastly we have the body wash. I take this with me to use post-race. After the race is over I’ll take this (or the bar of soap), get into the lake/river and scrub myself semi-clean. It doesn’t replace a shower, but at least I don’t smell like a bum’s nutsack the entire ride home and get my leather seats all skeezy.

Now depending on swankiness your hotel you may get a tiny bottle of mouthwash—I don’t use it race weekend, the alcohol in it will dry out your mouth, you’ll drink more to compensate and you can over hydrate causing you to need to pee during the race. That being said I’m still taking it.

If you stay at a suite type place and they give you dish soap it’s useful too. My dad showed me at a young age that dish soap is the poor man’s Gojo when it comes to getting grease off your hands. You just pour it on, scrub real good and then you rinse it off (water last or this doesn’t work). The travel size of it just makes it easier.

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