My Brief Experience With the Triathlon Dating App

Full disclosure, I remember reading the article about the Triathlon Dating App in 2020, I just paid it no mind then. However now I was getting the nudge to try it from a friend…so let’s dive in.

There are actually people using this app, which is a good start. According to the website at the time of writing this there were 2,426 triathletes single and ready to mingle. The talent pool looked pretty solid…but what’s with these women being like 500+ miles away? I live in Atlanta, there’s gotta be some women close by?

Well I worked my way around their search functions to thin out the herd because this is a global app. I limited the results to 25-mile radius and limited the age range to 25 to 45…it was time to see what turned up.

I had four profiles in the search results…just FOUR…and only one that would be a good match…in Atlanta, a Metropolitan area which has 6+ million people.

She was an ex-Division I swimmer that was like nine miles away. So I liked her, the problem was that I can’t send her a message unless I get a paid subscription…and I’m not getting a subscription just to message one person. It costs $9.99 for a monthly subscription — I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that.

I was kind of disappointed that I put in that much work into that profile just to get squadoosh in return. I doubt it will ever become popular enough to pay for it, triathlon is a very niche hobby after all. In trying to picture it from the other side of the fence from a woman’s perspective — I imagine it’s a regular hot dog cart. Of that 2,426 profiles at least 80% of that has to be dudes.

I tried reaching out to the founder for comments on this article, but I had no response.

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