IRONMAN Gets the Thumbs Down

Like everyone else last week I saw IRONMAN CEO Andrew Messick’s YouTube video about the future of this season. I didn’t really find it inspiring. I’m trying to remain optimistic about the situation but I am ambivalent towards what they’re doing.

If you go through all the comments you’re going to see people are pretty pissed – they all want their refunds. First of all, people, IRONMAN is not going to refund you. They do that and they’ll collapse, we already saw their books when Wanda took them public a couple years back – they don’t make money. That’s why the IPO *BOMBED!* They lost a shitload of money in the 2020 season, I would not expect them to give us a second deferral as I don’t think they have the capital to stay afloat. Shit I have no idea why anyone would have wanted to purchase this company, it doesn’t have a good business model. But, back to the point – you ain’t getting your money back so stop bitchin’.

Next, I’ve said this before, but you should assume any IRONMAN event prior to July 1 is going to get cancelled or rescheduled. While I’m glad Joe Biden’s plan is getting vaccines in arms it’s just not going to be enough to make that huge impact before then, especially with the more virulent strains of CoVID evolving out there. However, you should expect your smaller events to get their permits, but anything on state property (such as a state park) may still be a no-go.

Third, I loathe the fact that IRONMAN is waiting until the last possible second to cancel or reschedule a race. If a municipality was not going to give you a permit now they’re mind isn’t likely to change on that three months from now. The municipalities are doing IRONMAN a solid by giving them a lot of notice saying “It’s not happening, stop trying to make fetch happen.” IRONMAN needs to do us a solid and cut us all loose. There’s tons of smaller races I could hop into around the dates of all my IRONMAN races that likely will go on, I don’t want to be waiting on IRONMAN to make the formal notification when they could have much further in advance. If IRONMAN cuts me loose on Chattanooga 70.3 I’m going to go race Goose Pond on Memorial Day weekend – I’ve done it before so I know it’s worth the trip.

Fourth, if you want to know if you’re racing just look at the state’s track record on CoVID regulations. Florida Man Governor DeSantis has his state wide open with no restrictions – so you should expect to race there (HOLLA! I’M RACING CHALLENGE MIAMI!). If the virus mutates and the vaccine isn’t effective against said mutation we’re kinda fucked y’all.

Last, while you sure as fuck aren’t getting a refund you shouldn’t hold your breath on getting a second deferral. Like I said, this is a business that doesn’t really generate money. IRONMAN got punched right in the suck hole last year and is still living in the red. Their pit of despair is just going to get deeper if they give you another deferral so be prepared to end up with squadoosh. If you don’t like that then you can stop doing their races – seriously you can take your stand and boycott them – there’s plenty of other options out there. IRONMAN’s customer service is almost as bad as Comcast’s so I’m giving you your push right there. They either a) don’t give a shit b) are so broke they can’t afford employees or c) literally instructed by top brass to ignore all emails, calls and inquiries.

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