The Next Stop For Challenge Family North American Expansion

Folks, the next stop on the Challenge North America NASCAR series will likely be Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

First of all, like Daytona and Homestead, the Indy has an in-track lake. This reason alone is why I figure this track is their next new race because it fits their MO. 

The oval track itself is 2.5-miles long and that’s used for NASCAR races. There is also a road course used for Formula One racing (Indy Car) that weaves its way around the venue that’s slightly longer. (Daytona is a 2.5-mile track and Homestead is a 2.21-mile track).

When is this race going to take place? Well, I see it as being in June, July, August or September (Rev3 Cedar Point [Ohio] used to be the second weekend in September and the weather is still nice). A September race might be harder to pull off due to it being football season, but that becomes easier if the race is held on a Saturday.

What about the competition? IRONMAN 70.3 Steelhead just across the border in Michigan is the last weekend of June. IRONMAN 70.3 Muncie is July is the second weekend of July (although it may have moved to October). IRONMAN 70.3 Ohio is the last weekend of July. IRONMAN. IRONMAN 70.3 Traverse City is the last weekend of August. Michigan Titanium is the third weekend in August.

I would guess that they might bring this race to life for the 2022 season, at the very least in 2023. I think it hinges on the success of Miami. If Challenge Family sees another success then I don’t see why they don’t move forward with planting their next flag in the Midwest.

If you asked me to pick their fourth location to expand to I’d guess it’d be an old Formula One track in Montreal called Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. This venue also has an in-track lake and the run can be contained all on the island it sits on. Its regional competition is Mont-Tremblant 70.3 (and full), Musselman 70.3, Lake Placid 70.3 (and full) and Niagara Falls Barrelman (70.3). With two races in Mexico and potentially three in the United States it would seem plausible to make Canada high on their priority list.

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