The Truth About Road ID

If you’ve ever raced your local 5k odds are your bib says RoadID on it with a coupon code with free shipping. Allow me to tell you a little more about their product. They have tons of testimonials about how RoadID saved their lives on the website. Well, this isn’t one of those testimonials.

When I purchased my RoadID I specifically chose one with a green band because the human eye picks up more shades of green than any other color. It made perfect sense to me, this would draw emergency services directly to my wrist to look at it. 

When I got hit head-on by an SUV, not one single person looked for my RoadID. Not cops, not EMTs, not hospital staff, not even the nurse practitioner standing over me who happened to be walking her kid to school a couple of blocks away.

Truthfully, EMS ain’t looking for it. People wear all kinds of bracelets these days, your RoadID doesn’t stand out from the crowd. It’s not so ubiquitous that everyone has one. Had someone actually looked for it they would have found my mom and My ex-fiancée’s number to call instead of asking me over and over, which would have been nice because my brain was scrambled.

I did purchase a new one last month though. I know, you’re asking “After he just said all that, why would you do that?” My honest answer is the event that the next car that hits me manages to kill me, then someone knows I have pets at home that need to be cared for so they don’t starve since I’m dead. I know if someone would find my RoadID…it’s going to be the coroner or medical examiner.

Yes, I put “TWO CATS AT HOME!!!!” right below my name along with my mom’s home and cell phones. Danielle isn’t in the picture anymore so I had the line to use and thought this would be best.

It’s not like my mom is local either, she’s four states away. Believe it or not I do have family in the area, they’re just not people I would count on to step up on this occasion…they didn’t when I lived through this last one.

So I have no hopes of my RoadID being used as a way to save my life, but rather a means to identify my corpse so I’m not a John Doe since I don’t ride with my wallet. It’s a glorified toe-tag, just on my wrist on a bright lime green band.

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