Sayonara Strava

Strava, you’ve got it all wrong, you’ve ruined a good thing.

My fallout with Strava had started in the summer of 2019. I just didn’t really care much about what the people I knew were doing. I didn’t care about KOMs and CRs because I’m not that fast. I didn’t care about the leaderboard with the exception of knocking Joe McCoy down on all the segments I could.

The app and website had run it’s course with me. I was sick of naming workouts. I was disappointed that mobile and web didn’t share all the same features.

The only purpose it still serves was as a means of record keeping. If I wanted to know how many miles I ran with Danielle after my accident I could look up all those activities and add them up (it’s 646 if you were wondering). I had all the data on the amount of miles all the parts of my bikes had on so I knew when to replace them (a web only feature or miles on my shoes (which you had to add on the web version).

I was beyond disappointed when they cut ties with Relive, that was half of the reason u was still sticking around. Not like it mattered that much, having Relive pull directly from Garmin has less problems.

Now that they moved previously free features behind I pay walls I have lost all interest. Why couldn’t you have just sold my data like every one else does? I certainly wouldn’t have cared, hell maybe I would have benefited from product improvements or ads that were actually relevant to me. Selling our data is literally the easiest way to make a profit anyway.

Strava’s done fucked up, and I’m not only person who’s not coming back. They’ve reached their expiration date and it’s time to toss it like the rest of the spoiled business opportunities.

2 thoughts on “Sayonara Strava

  1. They’ve had 10 years to figure out how to make money off this and they pick the way that’ll drive more people away.


    1. Definitely man, I’m a millennial…I don’t pay for anything that I can get for free. Garmin Connect has all the same data anyway and I don’t care about what anyone else does anymore.


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