Challenge Roth Has Been Canceled…It’s Become Real Now

The triathlon community really feels this one. Once I heard that Challenge Roth was canceled I felt like this coronavirus (COVID-19) had got real. The greatest full distance race wasn’t happening this year…was I taking crazy pills?

Challenge Family made this decision over three months out, so this was kind of a big deal. The rest of the world views coronavirus hanging around well past May….the European Union must know a lot more than our orange overlord. I will give credit where credit is due, they canceled and refunded, they didn’t try to slide it in before the Bavarian Winter. Yes, you read that right, they said they’re refunding all of the entry fees with exception of the EUR 90 administration fee, and you automatically get a chance to re-enter in 2021, which means you skip the lottery again.

Challenge acknowledged they were going to feel the financial windfall of this decision. Permits had been acquired and other necessities had been paid for….so they made some offers to see if they could recoup some of their losses. They asked for those who could, to please possibly take a partial refund. The neat thing they included “Anyone donating over EUR 100 or more will get preregistration rights for two entries for over the next 10 years.” Thus includes anyone right? Because can I pay that! It’s a good deal instead of have to bank on a stacked lottery.

I hope Challenge can pick up the pieces and come back strong in 2021. It’s too iconic of a race to lose and the triathlon world wouldn’t be the same without it.

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