Flipping the Script

It wasn’t until the end of December I had realized more than 99% of my triathlon life is scripted.

It’s not that it’s predictable in almost every definitive way. What route do we want to ride today? Where do we want to run this afternoon? Did I print out the swim workout for tomorrow morning. There’s just no spontaneity to it.

I’ve recently found it harder to train; the motivation isn’t there and it’s because my lifestyle has been so scripted. It feels a lot like Eminem’s lyrics in Beautiful, “…but I need that spark to get psyched back up in order for me to pick the mic back up…”

It seems like ’tis the perfect season to go off script and ad lib workouts. Maybe it’s that spark to renew my sense of motivation? If I introduce an element of mystery to what needs to be accomplished maybe it’ll be easier to pick the mic back up.

As long as you can find your way home, what’s the harm? If I’m within a 60 mile radius of Atlanta I can always find the few key roads to lead me back to more familiar territory.

Maybe sometimes the best plan is having no plan; just watch out for the pot-holes.

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