The Voice of Reason

As a triathlete, you generally lack the ability to use good judgement at times because you’re too obsessed with training. This is why you need a voice of reason.

If you have someone there that can tell you, “Maybe you should take a rest day,” heed to their advice. You won’t remember the last time you took one and they won’t remember the exact date either, but they know it’s been quite some time and you could use it.

Sometimes that voice of reason will talk you out of making injuries worse. This isn’t like football where you’re either “hurt” or you’re “injured.” The majority of us are just regular age groupers, so don’t make an injury worse by continuing to inflict unnecessary punishment. Again, it’s good to have that person on the outside that has sound judgement not clouded by the goal of competing in a triathlon.

If you’re really lucky, your voice of reason is from the medical field. If this is the case, you’re not going to be able to hide much from them. They will know when you’re sore, hurt, injured and struggling through the pain. I’d strongly advise listening to them.

Sometimes you may feel like they’re being a little too protective of you, but really most of the time you’re just willing to overlook problems to obtain your goal. Remember, they mean well, so start listening to them because they’ve already accepted the fact you’re insane.

(For those of you whom do not understand the featured image: It’s the advice animal “Philosoraptor” which is used for pondering philosophical issues or paradoxes.)

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