Start Small

You’ve always wanted to do an Ironman or maybe just a half-Ironman. Maybe this was something that was on your bucket-list? Before you go all in on this journey, you should really know what it’s all about.

When you came up with this idea, you probably didn’t know everything that would be involved. That’s okay, the triathlon community is always willing to help. The main thing you should know is this is an investment of both time and money.

Triathlons are an expensive sport to participate in and feeding the addiction isn’t cheap. You’re not a pro with sponsors, so that means Visa or MasterCard are picking up your tab. I say that jokingly, but if you want to know how crazy it can get, use Expensify (also available as an app) to track and categorize your spending and you’ll get a feel for how big of an investment triathlons are.

The expenses aren’t always the biggest factor in play. The other major part is the time commitment you will need to make. The more obligations you have, the harder it will be to put in the time to be able to do a half or full distance triathlon. You’ll have to figure out how to make it work around your schedule, which is why I’m up before 4 AM every day.

Because it’s an investment of your time and money are the reasons why I always suggest to start small. Before you start committing a lot of both to this sport, you should know if you at least like it. That’s why it’s a good idea to start off with a sprint.

After you’ve got your feet wet with that sprint, you’ll at least have an idea what it takes to complete something of that level. You’ll have also kept your investment to a minimum if it turns out this isn’t for you.

There is another benefit to starting small. By working your way up the ladder from a sprint to an Olympic to a half to an Ironman, you’ll have a greater sense of satisfaction and accomplishment than if you went for it all on the first race.




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