The Swim Workout Toss

The post-workout toss is the most important part of the workout. Why? Because you earned it!

You’ve put in work for the last hour or however long it took, but now you’re done. You don’t want to just peel off that paper and walk it over to the trash. You need to wad it up as tight as possible and take your best shot!

The degree of difficulty matters here. Sometimes you need to be treading during the toss, which is actually more like throwing a fastball than shooting a jump shot. You usually don’t get any backboard love with those long range shots because the wad will splatter on the wall when you miss.

When you do make that shot, all is right in the world. Your day just became instantly better because of how few times you actually make it. Most of the time no one else ever sees it and that’s okay, you don’t need their validation.

Just remember it’s a foul to block someone else’s workout toss because you only get one chance at this; there are no rebounds and you just ruined the day, man.

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