Is a Quick Release Worth it?

The short answer, “No.”

When I first got back into triathlons I thought it was the coolest thing and I had to have it. In reality, it’s not very useful.

The only time I found quick-release useful was when I wanted to mount it on the stem of my bike for a training ride. When I tried during a race I failed miserably. Do you have any idea how many buttons most triathlon GPS devices have? Well, while I was attempting to remove it from my wrist I hit the split/next button. Of course that messed up my time…twice.

I realized I didn’t even look at my GPS that much when it was on my stem. I didn’t really need to know any of the data other than how many miles I traveled. You’re better off getting a cycling GPS to mount on the stem if you have a power meter. First of all, my Forerunner maxes at 4 data fields. The Garmin Edge 500 I bought used for $100 maxes at 8 data fields. I can use all 8 for power related fields and leave my watch alone. By the way, if you have a Stages Power Meter, you need to be able to mount your GPS somewhere in the cockpit because it doesn’t work well when it’s on your wrist.

Lastly, everyone has heard stories of people losing the quick-release versions during the swim. I’ve never heard a first-hand account, but I could understand how it’s possible seeing as I get kicked and hit all the time in the swim. When you add the potential of this occurring with the fact I wasn’t really getting much use out of it, it didn’t make much sense to get the quick-release when I upgraded. Who wants to risk losing all that money?


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