The Love Affair with the Black Line

I can’t believe it’ll be twenty-six years this month. You’re the longest relationship I’ve had. We’ve been together so long that sometimes I forget you’re there.

When I’m without you, I feel lost. I wander aimlessly amidst the waves. I have constant reminders of how much I need you and depend on you.

I’ve tried to find my way with something new, but it’s just an imitation; nothing could ever replace you.

It never feels the same when I look for you and you’re not there. When I stare into the dark, murky depths of the unknown I begin to miss the comfort of always being able to see you. I guess what they say is true, “You never know what you have until it’s gone.”

Even though I may spend time somewhere else on the weekend, I know you’ll be there Monday morning with your guiding embrace. That is where you will continue to lead me to unimaginable lengths, because none of this was possible without you.

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