My Secret to Fog-Free Goggles

Everyone has their method to keeping their goggles from fogging up when they swim. Some people use spit, some use anti-fog solutions and some use baby shampoo. I use the shampoo, but why buy it when you can get it for free?

You can get away with using the cheap shampoo from the hotels you stay in! I always ask the front desk at the hotel for extras. It’s nice because it’s disposable. I usually take one with me to the swim start along with a Dasani bottle I refilled.

First, take the shampoo and put a dab on your finger tip no bigger than the size of a shirt button. Next, put it on the insides of both lenses, use your thumb to rub it around the entire inside of the lens. Last, wash off the lenses. If you’re at the pool or can get close to the water, turn your goggles with the insides facing the water and push them up & down until the soap is gone. If you can’t get close to the water you’ll need to use the refilled Dasani bottle you brought with you. Pour water in the lens while rubbing it off with your thumb until the shampoo is gone and repeat with the other lens.

If you’re doing this for a race you’ll want to try to wait as long as you can before putting the soap in. The closer you are to start time, the more guaranteed your goggles will be fog-free. If you do it an hour before you hit the water…it’s not going to work out. You can always leave a little bit of water in the lenses after you’ve cleaned them and it’ll roll back and forth clearing the lenses like windshield wipers if they fog.

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